Family Health Clinic

Naturopathic Medicine & Midwifery Care

"Caring for patients of all ages naturally . . . since 1983"

Suite #104, 6396 - 197th Street
Langley, BC  V2Y 2T2  Canada 

(604) 534-9121 / Appointments

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Family Health Clinic

Naturopathic Medicine & Midwifery Care

"Caring for patients of all ages naturally . . . since 1983"

Suite #104, 6396 - 197th Street
Langley, BC  V2Y 2T2  Canada 

(604) 534-9121 / Appointments

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The Family Health Clinic began in 1983 as a general family medical practice that utilizes naturopathic medicine and natural therapies to provide safe, effective, natural healthcare to patients of all ages in Langley, British Columbia. Since 1996, we have been excited to add pregnancy and midwifery care options for expectant mothers and growing families. Our goal is to offer natural health care with which you and your family can feel comfortable, and also in which you can have complete confidence.

At the Family Health Clinic our naturopathic approach is best suited for those patients who want to move beyond just treating the symptoms of an illness and would prefer finding and then treating the cause of their symptoms with natural medicines and therapies instead of drugs or surgery. Our licensed Naturopathic Doctors (ND) are passionate about helping you reach your optimal level of health, first by treating your immediate health care needs, and then concentrating on your long term preventive medical/health care goals. We are the longest operating naturopathic medical clinic in Langley with some of the most experienced Naturopathic Physicians currently practicing in British Columbia. Besides serving the local community, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley region, we have patients who travel to see us from domestic and international locations thousands of kilometers away.

Our Registered Midwives (RM) provide attentive primary care to healthy pregnant women and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, and up to six weeks postpartum. We offer delivery options at Langley Memorial Hospital or home birth options within our local catchment area. We use Surrey Memorial Hospital for deliveries as a backup hospital only.

We are here for our patients and would be happy to orient you to our abilities and experience. If you wish to receive more information regarding our services, please contact us at 604-534-9121. No referral is required to book an appointment to see one of our Naturopathic Physicians or Midwives. We look forward to serving you and your family with your health care needs.

To Your Best Health . . . naturally,

Naturopathic Physicians, Registered Midwives & Support Staff

Family Health Clinic

Family Health Clinic Naturopathic Medicine & Midwifery Care
Suite #104-6396 - 197 Street, Langley, BC V2Y 2T2 Canada, Telephone 604-534-9121


Our passion is to provide safe, effective, high quality natural healthcare for patients of all ages. We want to move beyond just treating the symptoms.

We strive to help individuals and families take charge of their health and build wellness skills into their daily routine through education, nutrition, a personalized health assessment and therapeutic options.

How may we help you recover or improve your health?
Please call 604-534-9121 for an appointment to find out.

A referral from your family physician or other practitioner is not necessary to book an appointment to see any of our Naturopathic Physicians or Midwives.


Naturopathic Medicine - What is It?

Naturopathic Medicine is a unique and comprehensive approach to improving health and treating illness. Focusing on prevention, and using natural substances and treatments, Naturopathic Doctors (ND) support and work to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself.

The primary goal of naturopathic treatment is to find and address the cause of illness, rather than simply treat or suppress symptoms. The patient is seen as a whole person and the Naturopathic Physician takes not only the physical symptoms, but also mental, emotional, genetic, social, spiritual, environmental, and other factors into account when diagnosing and developing a treatment plan.

Your Naturopathic Doctor at the Family Health Clinic will take an in-depth history and perform pertinent physical examination and laboratory testing to assist in making an assessment and diagnosis. Then a personalized treatment plan that is scientifically valid and clinically effective is created in order to help you achieve success.

The primary therapies that may be traditionally used by a Naturopathic Doctor are: clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, physical therapies, acupuncture and counseling. While not all of these therapies may be used in a particular case, sometimes using a combination is more effective than one alone.

The past thirty years has seen an extraordinary increase in consumer demand for safe, effective and cost-effective natural healthcare by those who are looking for an alternative to drugs and surgery. Naturopathic medicine has emerged as the health care profession best suited to meet this demand.

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Wellness for You

Whether you are a man, a woman, a senior, a child, pregnant or wanting to be pregnant, Naturopathic Physicians have ways that can specifically target and optimize your health.

Naturopathic Doctors are able to:

  • diagnose medical conditions

  • solve health problems of acute illnesses as well as long standing conditions

  • move beyond just treating symptoms

  • perform physical exams in a manner similar to medical doctors but with an emphasis on preventive medicine and nutrition

  • offer alternative, effective strategies to drugs and surgeries wherever possible

We find there are often three different reasons why people seek the help of Naturopathic Doctors:
1) they have an ongoing condition but have not found relief with any treatment tried thus far;
2) they have been diagnosed with an illness and are looking for alternative treatments;
3) they are interested in disease prevention and health promotion strategies because they recognize that good health just doesn't happen by chance.

See our list of Commonly Treated Conditions.

Whatever your reason, we know Naturopathic Medicine is appropriate for the management of a broad range of health conditions affecting people of all ages.

More people are recovering or improving their health by adding naturopathic medicine to their health care options.

Registered Midwives - They really deliver!

In British Columbia (BC) Registered Midwives offer primary care to low risk expectant mothers from the early stages of pregnancy through to delivery and for six weeks postpartum. Midwifery services in BC are paid for by the Medical Services Plan so that women who desire a more "natural" childbirth experience are able to avail themselves with these properly trained and licensed health care providers. Midwives were involved in over 21% of pregnancies and births in BC during 2014/2015.

BC Registered Midwives offer the following: Safe, individualized, respectful care. Regular prenatal visits throughout pregnancy. Time to discuss important issues. Access to lab tests, ultrasounds and medications. Referrals to specialists and consultants. Choice of where to birth, either in hospital or at home. Support throughout labour and postpartum. Many options for comfort measures in labour. Access to epidural anaesthesia when indicated. Home visits after birth for both mom and baby. Expert, in-home breastfeeding support.