Specialized Diagnostic Testing


General Health Screen

We have developed and offer our patients a customized proprietary blood test that screens for and can help detect many of the underlying causes of illness. Because this specialized test assesses both your overall health and helps uncover many previously undiagnosed, hidden conditions, we call it the "General Health Screen" blood test. You are given a copy of the 7 page General Health Screen report that provides you with a comprehensive explanation of the 45 different blood analyses that were used to measure your immune system status, red blood cells, major organ systems (kidney, liver, spleen), blood sugar and fat levels, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron) as well as thyroid (Free T4) function. This General Health Screen test is also very popular with our patients because of its focus on your nutritional status, the ability to differentiate disease versus organ dysfunction, and for the insight it provides into prevention strategies.

PULS Cardiac Test

Did you know . . . 50% of Heart Attack victims have normal cholesterol levels?
That’s because multiple factors, in addition to cholesterol, are required to determine the underlying #1 cause of a Heart Attack which is unstable cardiac lesions. Unstable Cardiac Lesions form within artery walls over time, often without any signs or symptoms, through a process of continuous arterial inflammation, injury and repair. If one of these lesions becomes unstable and then ruptures (bursts) inside an artery, it can cause a blood clot to develop at the site of the rupture, which can suddenly interrupt the blood and oxygen supply to the heart. This is the reason that unstable cardiac lesions are the #1 cause of Heart Attacks.

The PULS Cardiac Test (Protein Unstable Lesion Signature) is a new innovative blood test that measures nine of the most clinically-significant protein biomarkers that identify the body's immune system response to arterial wall injury. These injuries lead to the formation and progression of cardiac lesions which may become unstable and rupture, leading to a cardiac event. The PULS Cardiac Test (developed by GD Biosciences), has been highlighted by leading cardiology institutions, and is now available in over 7 countries worldwide, including Canada. Our Family Health Clinic doctors are able to order this PULS Cardiac test for asymptomatic patients to help improve the identification of those who may, unknowingly, be at risk of experiencing a future cardiac event, and for those who may be missed by current testing methods. The PULS Cardiac test results are intended to help identify those individuals who may benefit from prevention and early intervention. This information can also help in the management of Coronary Heart Disease and assist your physicians to determine the most appropriate course of action according to clinical research guidelines.

Other Specialized Diagnostic testing and assessments available:

  • Comprehensive Blood Testing

  • Food and Environmental Allergy Testing

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Urine and Saliva Testing

  • Female and Male Hormone Levels

  • Blood Typing

  • Inflammation Testing - sophisticated biomarker blood tests to determine hidden Coronary Artery Disease Risk

  • Adrenal Function Testing

  • Toxic Heavy Metal Testing

  • Stool Analysis

  • GI-MAP (Gastro-Intestinal Microbial Assay Plus) testing of stool microbiome via DNA

  • Intestinal Dysbiosis and SIBO Testing

  • Neurotransmitter Assessments

  • Hair Mineral Analysis

  • Functional Testing using Vega (Vegatest)