What you can expect during a first visit

Your first visit is usually scheduled for 60 minutes and includes a detailed discussion of your health concerns. Depending on your conditions or symptoms, after examination treatment may be prescribed at your first visit. Or if further examination or lab testing might be required to obtain a more accurate diagnosis and course of treatment, then treatment would be prescribed at a subsequent visit following a presentation and review of your test results. If you have test results from any other doctors or clinics, please bring any lab test results you may have with you to your visit as they may be helpful in our assessment.


Forms to complete and bring to your First Visit

Here are some New Patient Forms you can download, print, then fill out and bring with you to your first clinic visit. Just click on the name of the form below appropriate for your visit type. Note: We do not recommend sending completed Patient Intake Forms back to the clinic via unsecured e-mails due to the private and sensitive nature of information contained on a completed form.


What we will expect from you

  • to give a detailed health history as best as you can
  • to dedicate yourself to possible diet and or lifestyle changes
  • to be an actively involved participant in your treatment as best as you can
  • to have faith in your body's ability to heal itself


Length of Return Visits

Besides your first office visit, your return office visits can be scheduled for the different lengths. Our staff will be able to assist you in choosing the best type of return visit for your needs. Click here for a link to the Appointments web page which describes the different types and lengths of return visits.


Number of Visits Needed

The number and frequency of follow-up visits will depend on the severity of the condition being treated, how long you have had it, your vitality, and your dedication to getting better. Click here for a link to the Appointments web page which discusses the number of visits needed.


Cost of Naturopathic Visits

For instructions on finding out the costs of our naturopathic appointments/visits please click here.


CASL - New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

In accordance with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, all organizations wishing to communicate electronically with patients, clients and customers, are now required to obtain express consent. This consent provides permission to engage in responsible communication that respects your individual privacy. We value our relationship with you and would like to send you information electronically relating to such things as appointment reminders, newsletters, event announcements, and general clinic information. In order to do this, one of the ways we are collecting your consent to receive electronic messages from us is on our new-patient intake forms. We will be asking you to select either "OPT IN" or "OPT OUT". "Opting in" will provide us with express consent to communicate with you electronically, including reminders for your future appointments. "Opting out" will indicate that you do not wish to receive any electronic communication from us. Should you later change your mind about your decision to "OPT IN" or "OPT OUT" please let us know so we can update our records with your preference.

You may also be interested in reading our Privacy Policy as it pertains to how we will appropriately use and protect your personal information.