Cost of Naturopathic Office Visits

At the Family Health Clinic we offer a wide range of different types of office visits, services and specialized laboratory tests. Our visit fees are typically at or below the BC Naturopathic Association Fee Guidelines. For any questions you may have about clinic appointments or any of our fees for visits or services, please contact us at 604-534-9121. We would be most happy to answer your questions.

Fees payable for office visits, laboratory services or dispensary purchases are due at the time of service. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard or Debit card. Please note that a $15.00 charge will be applicable for any N.S.F. cheque.

The costs for Naturopathic medical services are not covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP); however, most extended medical plans provide coverage for both visit and laboratory testing fees. Please save your receipts for this extended coverage if this applies to you. Also see the section below entitled "Claiming Eligible Medical Expenses on your Income Tax Return". If you have a BC PharmaCare card, items dispensed from our Clinic Dispensary are unfortunately not eligible for PharmaCare coverage.

Family Plan Discount

At the Family Health Clinic we are happy to provide a Family Plan Discount* where subsequent members of the same immediate family who are living under the same roof receive a 10% discount off their visit fees.

* Fine print terms for our Family Plan Discount are:

  1. First family member pays full price for first visit. Subsequent family members pay full price for their first visit.

  2. Subsequent return office visits (any type of visit) for all family members are eligible for a 10% discount.

  3. Discount applies to active patients only (family members must have been seen within the previous two years).

  4. Family members must be living at the same residence address.

  5. Discount applies to office visits only. Lab tests, Dispensary items are not included, nor are bundled prices (e.g. for a series of acupuncture or constitutional hydrotherapy treatment sessions) which are already at a substantial discount.

  6. We reserve the right to withdraw this discount in cases of suspected fraud or abuse.

Super Saver Discount

For those who also want to save money with large volume dispensary purchases, we now offer a "Super Saver 10% Discount" to our patients when, at any one time, a dispensary purchase for an individual or the entire family totals $300 or more (before taxes). Ask our staff for further details.

Do you have an Extended Medical Benefit Plan through your Employer?

Many Extended Medical Benefit Insurance Plans provide some coverage and reimbursement for naturopathic office visits and fees paid for laboratory testing. Because each plan is different you should find out the details and coverage provided by your specific plan from your insurance company. Please save your paid clinic receipts as they will need to be submitted to your insurance company in order for you to receive your eligible reimbursement.

Do you receive Premium Assistance for your Medical Services Plan (MSP) Benefits?

Because MSP does not reimburse the costs of naturopathic office visits or services, the Family Health Clinic naturopathic doctors are defined as "Opted-out" by the MSP.

However, in special circumstances, patients who receive MSP "Premium Assistance" benefits from the BC Ministry of Health for their Medical Services Plan coverage, are eligible for a small reimbursement directly from MSP for each of their naturopathic visits up to a combined maximum of ten visits per calendar year. There are some restrictions, so if you are unsure of your status or eligibility, please ask our receptionist for details or visit the link to BC Ministry of Health Supplementary Health Care Benefits.

Claiming Eligible Medical Expenses on your Income Tax Return

Many medical expenses, which include some fees paid for naturopathic medical services (e.g. office visits, laboratory services and prescriptions, but excluding vitamins, minerals and supplements) may be eligible to be claimed as a medical expense deduction on your annual Income Tax Return. British Columbia licensed Naturopathic Doctors are recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as authorized medical practitioners for purposes of the medical expense tax credit.

To determine if your medical expenses are eligible, and get more information on this specific topic see which specific medical expenses you may be allowed to claim. In the event you were reimbursed for any medical expenses (e.g. by an insurance plan), only the portion not reimbursed may be claimed as a tax deduction.