For the convenience of our patients and to ensure availability of quality and effective products we stock and dispense many natural remedies, including hard to find products available only by prescription, from our clinic dispensary. The products we carry are often not readily, easily, or reasonably available or accessible. Since we want to see the best possible results for you as our patient, we pay close attention to the source and potency of the raw materials, the manufacturing, ethics, absorption as well as cost-effectiveness of the products we carry.

Dispensary Products

Because we stock a very large selection and variety of products, we are able to compound and dispense various natural medicines including:

  • Specialized Vitamin, Mineral and Nutrient supplements
  • Custom formulated liquid botanical tinctures made specifically for you and your condition
  • Herbal medicines in capsules
  • Homeopathic medicines
  • Organic herb teas (loose leaf)
  • Phenolic medicines
  • Oral Allergy desensitization drops
  • Homeopathic medicines for in clinic injection

Dispensary Orders

We would be happy to prepare any dispensary product prescribed for you by your Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Midwife.


Dispensary Refills

For refills of products you can choose from the following three options:

  1. The most streamlined method for refills is to contact us in advance of your medication pickup. If you choose to use this option we would recommend that you call or email ahead for your refills as well as pre-pay for them at the time of your order as this will greatly expedite your pick-up. When our staff know the day and time of your desired pick-up they will have enough time to prepare your order and have it ready and waiting for you.
  2. Walk-in orders may take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Similar to other pharmacies, wait times may vary especially if the staff are busy dealing with other patients. We appreciate your time and want to try and serve you as promptly and efficiently as possible.
  3. Mail Out service is also provided for dispensary products. Pre-paid orders placed by telephone or email will be filled and processed as soon as possible and then mailed via Canada Post Express Mailer directly to your address. The charge for this service covers the fees Canada Post charges us for the mailing envelope which will be added to your invoice. Mailing envelopes can typically hold between 1-4 bottles (depending on size of product container), shipped for the same flat fee regardless of weight. Canada Post shipping times vary but the package usually arrives 2-3 days after mailing. For larger orders that require a box please call the clinic for more details.

"Super Saver Discount"

Our "Super Saver Discount" provides 10% extra bonus savings for your larger volume dispensary purchases. Click here for more details.